Connect & start recording.

CABOLO features a powerful, multi-array microphone, which enables high-definition audio recording and supports the voice recognition of meeting participants.

  • Easy setup, no internet connection required

  • Option to integrate with existing systems

  • Connect through our app on any device


Your conversations transcribed in real-time.

Our proprietary +VOCE Automatic Speech Recognition engine represents the most advanced, customisable and complete system for real-time speech-to-text transcription.

Confidential Computing is at the base of CABOLO and it is a stand alone device that executes audio recording and an advanced Speech-to-Text software in a hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

  • Pre-installed language models

  • Verbatim correction facility

  • Meeting Agenda features


Review, edit and share.

Curate a list of accurate, actionable notes that leverage the audio and transcript of your conversation. Edit in real-time and share the outputs in supported formats.

  • PDF, HTML5, XML, SRT and MS Word output

  • Archiving, Indexing, Search.

  • Encrypted USB drive included


Discover better meetings

Whether you work in the public sector and need immediate transparency, are a legal advisor needing complete accuracy, or you simply need easy access to your notes, CABOLO is the versatile, intelligent and highly customisable speech-to-text transcription solution.

 CABOLO® is registered product of Cedat85. 

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