The Challenge

Mediaset’s requirements were the creation of an indexed and searchable multimedia content data lake, including the complete transcript (STT) of its own TV programmes and third-party content.

Cedat85’s Solution

After a long selection process, Mediaset chose Cedat85’s solutions to implement the project, which today sees the complete word-for-word transcription of all content and its indexing, thanks to the creation of a fully explorable repository.

This project has allowed Mediaset to plan new strategies in terms of brand recognition, reputation, and sentiment analysis. In particular, Mediaset examined and chose Cedat85’s ASR solution, also with the further objective of creating a useful data set to obtain automatic reports on brand mentions in advertising planning and television productions.

The project was implemented by providing Mediaset with +Voce ASR technology, available in the cloud and on an infrastructure dedicated exclusively for this purpose, through the use of REST APIs specially developed by Cedat85 to finalise the project objective.

APIs, ASR, Multimedia, Speech to Text

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