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Legal meetings made simpler. The smartest, fastest, safest and most intelligent way to record and transcribe your corporate meetings.

Legal meetings made simpler

Get the best out of your legal meetings. With Cabolo you have everything recorded and transcribed so you keep track of vital information and deadlines.

Your corporate meetings. In three simple steps.


360° directional microphones capture every detail of the conversation.


Real-time speech-to-text transcription with legal-specific terminology.


Meeting notes can be tagged, searched, shared or archived on the device.

Paramount Privacy

When the Law is paramount, so is your privacy. Cabolo is completely standalone and requires no internet connection. We’re not processing or storing any conversations in the cloud, so you have the best privacy possible.


Cabolo can be customised for accents and sector-specific nomenclature. Cabolo will capture every detail of your meetings for you, with legal specific terminology for complete accuracy and easy documentation.


Edit in real-time and share the outputs in supported formats. Cabolo offers outputs of ready made documents in HTML 5, MSWord, PDF, SRT, and XML.

Search & Archive

With Cabolo you can easily tag, search, archive and share important meeting documents privately. Search specific words or topics to find the information you need.

  • Easy setup, no internet connection required

  • Option to integrate with existing systems

  • MSWord, PDF, HTML 5, SRT, and XML outputs

  • Verbatim correction facility

  • Meeting agenda features


Our Clients

Considered top 5 leader in Europe for Speech to Text applications and amongst the top 11 world-wide.

Competitive Landscape: Speech-to-Text Applications 2018


Work more efficiently

From board minutes, to interviews and sensitive client meetings, Cabolo is your trusted assistant.  Boost meetings productivity by spending less time typing notes and more time actioning insight. 

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 CABOLO® is registered product of Cedat85. 

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