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European Parliament

The Challenge The European Parliament launched an international tender to provide translation and real-time transcription services for its plenary sessions, supporting the 24 languages in use. One of the aims of the project was to make the on-screen debates available to members with hearing impairment,...

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Sant’Alessio Regional Centre

The Challenge Thanks to co-financing from the European Social Fund, the Sant’Alessio Regional Centre has organised a training course for “Administrative secretarial operators specialised in transcriptions”. The ‘Profession-Abili’ project aims to train visually impaired people in the field of transcription...

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The Challenge The requirement was to equip the Téleperformance call centres with necessary tools to monitor the quality of inbound phone support and increase customer satisfaction. For Verbal / Vocal Order’s outbound services, there was also a need to automate the process of certifying contracts...

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British Library

The Challenge The British Library has a rich heritage: an archive of more than 6.5 million recordings of programmes, music, speeches, and ambient sounds covering a period of time from 1880 to the present day. All this was in danger of being compromised both by the gradual disappearance of the...

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Italian Chamber of Deputies

The Challenge Before the use of Cedat85 technologies, the audio of parliamentary sessions was normally recorded live and dictated in 5-minute clips by an operator to a computer that could only recognise his or her voice (voice dependent technology) to get as close as possible to real-time proceedings.  The...

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Italian Ministry of the Interior

The Challenge The “S.I.N.D.A.C.A.” project (Informative Documentation System for the Asylum Commissions’ Hearings) was created with the aim of improving the quality and speed of the decision-making process in the asylum matter. This process is entrusted to the National Asylum...

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