Meet Cabolo!

The smartest, fastest, safest, and most intelligent way to record, transcribe, and translate any audio automatically.

Transcribing, sharing, and retrieving reports, interviews, minutes, board of directors, assemblies, lectures, and council meetings is a process that has a significant impact on productivity, both in terms of cost and time.

CABOLO is an Artificial Intelligence device that records, transcribes, translates, and archives in real time. Designed to ensure maximum data protection, it doesn't require any internet connection, while ensuring confidentiality and utmost security.

Recognises speech in over 20 different languages and is able to automatically translate into over 60 languages.

Your meetings in three simple steps


With its built-in microphones or any existing system to capture every detail of the conversation.

Transcribe & Translate

Real-time speech-to-text transcription with machine translation.


Meeting notes can be tagged, indexed, searched, and archived on the device.

Just a task for Cabolo!

Data Protection

Cabolo is completely standalone and requires no internet connection. It also has USB key storage system with AES-256bit encryption.


Customisable language models for the customer's requirements with accents and sector-specific nomenclature. Integration with professional audio-visual systems.

Search & Archive

Cabolo saves and timestamps each word allowing you, in a few seconds, to search, review or listen any word any time from the archive.


Cabolo delivers documents in Word, PDF, SRT, XML, and HTML5 formats. HTML5 comes with point-and-click audio and text synchronisation.


With Language Identification feature, Cabolo optimises the transcription, automatically recognising over 20 different languages and also is able to translate into over 60 languages


Cabolo is compatible with any audio-video solution  already available (it supports the DANTE protocol) and can be integrated with the main videoconferencing systems (SIP).


With Cabolo you can significantly reduce transcription time and optimise the work of your team in different departments.


With Cabolo immediate transcription is possible. The return on investment is between 2 and 4 months thanks to dedicated offers for any need, depending on
the PRO and LITE versions.


  • Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca

    «It is very productive. Before CABOLO, a staff member used to take a day to transcript two hours of recording, today in two hours they finish everything.»

    Giacomo Fedi, Organisational and IT Services

  • NIREStream

    «As a cutting-edge technology company in the market we are keen on finding solutions that help us to stand out among our competitors. That’s why we chose CABOLO.»

    Juan Carlos Revuelta, Founder and CEO

  • University of Pavia

    «The accuracy combined with the speed of transcription is incredible.»

    Paolo Malusardi, Head of Teaching and Student Services

  • Ascopiave Group

    «One hour of audio used to take eight hours to transcribe, but now we're down to a few, and that impacts on the company's profitability.»

    Edo Cecchinel, Head of Corporate Affairs

  • Creval Group

    «CABOLO made it possible to reduce transcription times. Highly stabile product and the use of encrypted local storage solves our security and archiving problems.»

    Sacha Petix, IT Technician

  • Le Serre

    «Thanks to CABOLO, all of our company meetings are now transcribed in half the time it took before we were using it.»

    Marco Cucchietti, Director

  • Elmec

    «With CABOLO we don't miss out any meetings thanks to the possibility of recording and transcribing everything, even the ones held on premises.»

    Luca Bertelli, Administrative Officer

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