Meet Cabolo!

The smartest, fastest, safest and most intelligent way to record, transcribe, and translate any meeting.

Keep your conversations private and your meetings productive.

Generate and share meeting notes with audio and text transcription in three simple steps.

Your meetings. In three simple steps.


360° directional microphones capture every detail of the conversation.

Transcribe & Translate

Real-time speech-to-text transcription with verbatim correction and Machine Translation.


Meeting notes can be tagged, searched, shared or archived on the device.


CABOLO is completely standalone and requires no internet connection. We’re not processing or storing any conversations in the cloud, so you have the best privacy possible.


CABOLO can be customised for accents and sector-specific nomenclature. We also offer custom integrations with any existing audio-visual solutions in your office.


CABOLO offers outputs of ready made documents in HTML 5, MSWord, PDF, SRT, and XML.

Search & Archive

With CABOLO you can easily tag, search, archive and share important meeting documents privately.


The smart speech recognition ecosystem that makes the transcription, recording, and translation of meetings simple.

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Whether you work in the public sector and need immediate transparency, are a legal advisor needing complete accuracy, or you simply need easy access to your notes, CABOLO is the versatile, intelligent and highly customisable speech-to-text transcription and machine translation solution.

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